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FREE Internet Dial-Up Questions & Answers

  • How does NetZero 100% FREE Dial-Up Account Compare to the Other Expensive Internet Service Providers (ISP)?

Our 100% Free Dial-Up Account offers the same Internet Access as other expensive ISPs, such as AOL®, EarthLink and MSN. Now you can get NetZero 100% FREE! Experience fast connections, reliable Internet Service with thousands of access numbers nationwide and other great member benefits such as free email, free instant messaging, and free virus and spam protection.

  • Who is NetZero?

NetZero is the Internet Dial-Up division of United Online, a public traded company (NASDAQ ticker UNTD). It is a member of the S&P SmallCap 600 index and the Russell 2000 index. NetZero has been offering Dial-Up Services since 1998, making it one of the leading ISP in the nation. NetZero is the only nationwide FREE Dial-up Provider. As of March 2006, United Online has 60 million registered accounts.

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  • How reliable are the FREE Dial-Up Connections? How fast are they?

Our FREE Dial-Up has thousands of Access Numbers nationwide to make it easy for you to get online with fewer busy signals and disconnects. NetZero allows you to access the Web at dial-up speeds of up to 56 Kbps (the fastest dial-up internet connection available)! All Internet Dial-Up Phone Numbers are capable of 56K connections. Additionally, most of our access numbers support V.90. Want to see how fast our internet connections are? Get our 100% FREE Internet Dial-Up Service Now!

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  • Do I get an email account with my Free Dial-Up Account?

Absolutely! When you get our 100% Free Internet Dial-Up Service, you also receive a Free Email address with up to 1 GB of storage. That’s plenty of room for you to receive, store, file and organize thousands of emails. Plus, with the Message Center you can check your email account from any computer with an Internet Connection in the World. Additionally you can set up multiple free email addresses for the many members in your home. Even if you are not interested in using our FREE Dial-Up, you can still use your FREE Email accounts via our internet browser based Message Center. Get our 100% FREE Email Service Now!


  • Are there any other FREE Internet Service Provider offering Dial-Up Services?

While there were dozens in the late 90s, today totally FREE Dial-Up Service has virtually disappeared. In fact, today AOL Dial-up charges $24.95/month like most large ISPs! This leaves the NetZero 100% FREE Dial-Up Service offer standing alone. The good news is that NetZero still offers absolutely free Dial-Up Internet Service. It's real easy to sign-up (no credit card required) download the software and you can be surfing the web 100% FREE. All it takes is about 2 minutes. Try NetZero Free Dial-Up today!


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