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FREE Dial-Up Questions & Answers

  • How does NetZero 100% FREE Dial-Up Account Compare to the Other Expensive Internet Service Providers (ISP)?

Our 100% Free Dial-Up Account offers the same Internet Access as other expensive ISPs, such as AOL®, EarthLink and MSN. Now you can get NetZero 100% FREE! Experience fast connections, reliable Internet Service with thousands of access numbers nationwide and other great member benefits such as free email, free instant messaging, and free virus and spam protection.

  • Who is NetZero?

NetZero is the Internet Access division of United Online, a public traded company (NASDAQ ticker UNTD). It is a member of the S&P SmallCap 600 index and the Russell 2000 index. NetZero has been offering Internet Access since 1998, making it one of the leading ISP in the nation. NetZero is the only nationwide FREE ISP. As of March 2006, United Online has 60 million registered accounts.

  • How reliable are the FREE Dial-Up Connections? How fast are they?

Our FREE Dial-Up has thousands of Access Numbers nationwide to make it easy for you to get online with fewer busy signals and disconnects. NetZero allows you to access the Web at dial-up speeds of up to 56 Kbps (the fastest dial-up internet connection available)! All Internet Access Numbers are capable of 56K connections. Additionally, most of our access numbers support V.90. Want to see how fast our internet connections are? Get our 100% FREE Internet Service Now!

100% Free Internet Dial Up
  • Do I get an email account with my Free Dial-Up Account?

Absolutely! When you get our 100% Free Internet Access, you also receive a Free Email address with up to 1 GB of storage. That’s plenty of room for you to receive, store, file and organize thousands of emails. Plus, with the Message Center you can check your email account from any computer with Internet Access in the World. Additionally you can set up multiple free email addresses for the many members in your home. Even if you are not interested in using our FREE Dial-Up, you can still use your FREE Email accounts via our internet browser based Message Center. Get our 100% FREE Email Service Now!

  • Are there any other FREE Internet Service Provider offering Dial-Up?

While there were dozens in the late 90s, today FREE Dial-Up Service has virtually disappeared. In fact, today AOL Dial-up charges $24.95/month like most large ISPs! This leaves the NetZero 100% FREE Internet Service offer standing alone. The good news is that NetZero still offers absolutely free Dial-Up Internet Service. It's real easy to sign-up (no credit card required) download the software and you can be surfing the web 100% FREE. All it takes is about 2 minutes. Try it NetZero Free Dial-Up today!

100% Free Internet Access



If you know any other 100% Free Internet Dial-Up offer, please post a comment or send us an email. Thanks!



This works just as promised: Free Dialup. I just use it a few hours every month so it's a great value and its totally FREE!

Thanks a lot buddy,

Thanks for the link to Netzero's free dialup offer...

Thanks for the pointing out this offer.

I use this dial-up as my backup internet access.

Mac ISP free

Does anyone know of a similar service for Macs?

Cheap Dial-Up Solution ?

Hi Spirit,

Macs are not supported with this Free Dial-Up Offer (Free NetZero requires you to install a client software that does no run on MACs). This offer is for all PC operating systems: Win95, Win98, Win2000, XP, Win2003 and Vista.

NetZero does offer "Cheap Dial-Up" for Macs and Linux users. Right now NetZero has a limited time offer at Only $6.95/month if you sign-up for 12 months. Even the "regular" month to month is cheap (especially compared to AOL and MSN ...) NetZero Platinum is Only $9.95/month.

Please let us know if you find a free internet access for Macs.

got a question

Hi there.
Why some of ISPs including NetZero offer free-dial up service?
How could they make benefits with all free services?

It's because 1-5% actually upgrades to the full service...


It's because 1-2% actually upgrades to the full accelerated dialup service. It's very difficult for NetZero to get new customers. A lot of people (I know some) still have a $20 compuserv (or even the $25/m month AOL) dialup connecton they use a few times a month since years.

To attract then, they have the free offer and then when the user realizes that it works they might cancel AOL and go for the full accelerated dialup for nearly half the price.

I've used their accelerated dial-up and it's really faster it's nearly like DSL for web pages. Any person still using dialup as their main connection should be using the NetZero 3G offer.

Many users actually have cable/dsl so they use free dialup as a backup solution or if they want to look at something from a different ip or even see how their site loads for dialup users.

close numbers

Do you have any servers close to 37879 zip code .
could you send me some server phne numbers.
My fauther like to get dial up free

NetZero Access Phone Numbers

How to connect

I have a friend who needs free internet. How can she connect and load without being on the internet first.

Sorry, we do not ship

Sorry, we do not ship CDs.
You need to burn a cd-rom with the downloaded software so you can then install the software on your computer.

Do you need an active phone line to use this?

My house had a phone line but it isn't active anymore. Can I use this through one of the phone lines that used to have service?

Yes you will need an active

Yes you will need an active phone line.

internet service

I want to have free dial up at the gun club. Have phone line there but don't you have to have internet service on that computer to find free service? Or can i get a disc to download. just not sure how that works.
can someone out there help me.

You can download the software


You can download the software and the put on a USB key or burn a cd with the software on it. You can then install the software on the PC with no internet access.

Good luck!